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標題: 多脫層樑板之挫曲與振動
Buckling and vibration of delaminated composite beam-plates with multiple delamination
作者: 韓瑛騏
Harn, Ying-Chyi
關鍵字: delaminated;脫層;postbuckling;挫曲前
出版社: 應用數學系
Buckling and vibration of delaminated composite orthotropic
beam-plates havingmultiple delaminations have been studied by
using the reduced flexural stiffnessmethod. The stiffness
variation along the axial direction was represented by Fourier
series. Series solutions of the governing equation of motion and
the Ritz method for beam-plates having both ends simply
supported and clamped boundaryconditions are used. Some typical
multiple delaminations, such as overlapping and nonoverlapping
delaminations, are considered. Numerical resuls based on
bothmethods for simply supported boundary conditions are found
to be identical.
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