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標題: 剪切相位圖形之剪切線段搜尋定位與阻絕方法研究
Branch cuts formulation of maps with physical discontinuities.
作者: 張志賓
關鍵字: phase unwrapping;相位展開;shear line;threshold value;剪切線;門檻值
出版社: 機械工程學系

Phase unwrapping often results in a false unwrapped phase map because of noise or shear line of testing sample caused by its discontinuity of original form. As to noise, there have been many effective methods to get over the problem. The paper mainly focuses on looking for and locating the shear line of phase map by controlling the threshold value; and further, it is expected to bring up another method to look for and locate the shear line of phase map with noise by combining the discontinuous points and repaired unclosed jump line.
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