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標題: 可攜式十指輸入之手套鍵盤
Desk-free Ten-finger Typing Glove Keyboard
作者: 簡財勇
Yung, Chien Tsai
關鍵字: Desk-free;可攜式;Ten-finger typing;Glove keyboard;Keypad;十指輸入;手套鍵盤;按鍵塊;雙手相互輸入
出版社: 機械工程學系
本文將針對行動裝置的輸入提出一個新的詮釋,可攜式十指輸入(ten-finger typing)手套鍵盤。

The purpose of this thesis is to provide a new mobile data input device which is a wearing keyboard enabling ten-finger typing.
There are various kinds of mobile keyboards, for example, small portable keyboards, screen keyboards, digitizing pens for handwritten and entry-choose keyboards. However most of them focus on either the easiness or portability for input. The efficiency combined with those function has not been put on enough emphasis.
Each hand mounted with nine keypads, this glove keyboard has 108 keys for character input. The symbolic keys for left hand pressing are arranged on the back of the middle phalanx of the right hand and the number and function keys are on the proximal phalanx. The symbolic keys for right hand pressing are arranged on the palm of the proximal phalanx of the left hand and the number and function keys are on the middle phalanx. With such arrangement, the user is able to type within minimum range of movement under ergonomics considerations. This desk-free ten-finger typing glove keyboard works like using a desk-top keyboard by right hand fingers pressing the keys on the palm of left hand and left hand fingers pressing the keys on the back of right hand. Furthermore, the construction design of the glove keyboard allows the user to have more freedom for movements when writing or drinking with a mobile device in hands.
USB is used for the interface of the glove keyboard and the mobile device. Such glove keyboard can be used not just for mobile devices, but also for desk-top devices.
Keywords: Desk-free, Ten-finger typing, Glove keyboard, Keypad.
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