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標題: 創新式平行性相位還原法應用於剪切平面之研究
On the retrieval of phase maps with real discontinuities by an innovative phase unwrapping algorithm
作者: 高斌栩
關鍵字: phase unwrapping;相位展開;mark;標記
出版社: 機械工程學系

The phase unwrapping algorithm is an important technique in the optical measurement. In this paper, an innovative phase unwrapping algorithm is presented here to improve the conventional parallel phase unwrapping methods. We propose a new idea about phase unwrapping and integrate it with the innovative phase unwrapping algorithm. We try to mark the shear line and unwrap the phase at the same time. We hope the algorithm may solve phase maps with real discontinuities. The performance becomes better if using the new ideas from the results of testing.
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