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標題: 圓盤上的離散型散度定理與Green''sidentities更sharp的型式
On Sharper Forms of the Discrete Divergence Theorem and Green's Identities in a Disk
作者: 鍾珮瑜
Chung, Pei-Yu
關鍵字: discrete;圓盤;divergence theorem;disk;離散;散度定理
出版社: 應用數學系所
在本篇論文中,我們討論在原盤上的離散型散度定理與Green’s identities。為此,我們增加靠近原點的邊界網格點,使得在(△r,△θ)趨近零時,散度定理的餘項更靠近零,同時一目了然看出餘項被誰限制住,甚至在Green’s identities時沒有餘項,讓定理更加漂亮。

In this study, we show the discrete divergence theorem and Green's identities on a disk centered at the origin within a radius of ρ and we add (f0j¬) with a view to making our results sharper. We would find that when (△r,△θ)→0, those remainders are closer with zero.
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