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標題: 連桿式划船機之機構設計與整合人機之動力學分析
Design of Linkage-Type Rowing Exercise Machine and the Dynamic Analysis of Human Movement
作者: 吳哲光
關鍵字: Design;連桿;Linkage-Type;Dynamic Analysis;機構;人機整合
出版社: 機械工程學系

Rowing exercise machines are the popular fitness goods. Because the movement principle is to simulate the action of the human body who row a boat. They also have the advantages of promoting cardiopulmonary, training muscles, and burning calories. So the users can achieve the great movement effect in short time. Because the rowing exercise machines have so many advantages, they are worth to develop and design for us.
The goal of this paper is to design a linkage-type rowing exercise machine, then merge the result and human body to execute analysis. First, Choosing the mechanism mode which satisfy the constrained conditions . Then according to the actions of human body to row a boat, compute the correct motion of the mechanism. And we can get the correct mechanism size by using two result above. Finally, by using the software Adams and LifeMod to merge mechanism and human body. Then execute the dynamic analysis to realize the force situation of human body and discuss it.
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