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標題: 線上即時輔導系統之輔導資訊站研究
Study on Counseling Information Station of an On-line Instantaneous Counseling system
作者: 李琮堯
Lee, Tsung Yao
關鍵字: on-line counseling;線上輔導;e-learning;open source;數位學習;開放源碼
出版社: 應用數學系
關鍵詞: 線上輔導、數位學習、開放源碼

Websites offer e-learning service are focus on fabrication of digital content and management of the whole learning system with very few mention to course counseling. The counseling tools are most text-based and do not fit to hold on-line counseling. The drawbacks of the on-line counseling mechanisms are (1) without offering effective learning information (2) lack of effectiveness (3) lack of interaction (4) the input
of special character is not available. We aim to solve these problems.
Our research goal is to implement an on-line instantaneous coun-
seling system, which is based on an open source software called XOOPS with modules developed by our self. The features of our system are (1) to provide a mechanism to predict time to start tuition (2) to develop a instruction tool with function of VoIP (3) to integrate all frequently asked questions into FAQ system, the system can lower the probability that tutors may teach some question more than once and hence waste instruction resource. Our research improves the environment of on-line counseling. We believe that our system is beneficial to promote the development of e-learning industry.
Key words: On-line counseling, e-learning, open source
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