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標題: 不同角度光源對數位影像相關法量測影響之研究
Discusses on Varied Angle Light Source on Measurement of Digital Image Correlation Method
作者: 陳弘瀚
Chan, Home-Han
關鍵字: Digital image correlation;數位影像相關;incident angle;the light colors;入射角度;光源顏色
出版社: 機械工程學系所
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數位影像相關法(Digital Image Correlation, DIC)是運用數位影像處理將數位化影像資料進行運動/變形前後特性比對。而本文主要是探討光源在不同角度照射試片時,是否會對數位影像相關法量測造成影響;並且比較當光源顏色改變時,是否顏色的波長也會對數位影像相關法造成影響。

Digital image correlation method (Digital Image Correlation. DIC) is the use of digital imaging to digital imaging information Movement / deformation characteristics before and after than right. This paper will examine the different perspectives light irradiation examination of films, whether on digital image correlation method measuring the impact; When the light source and compare the color change, whether the colors will be on the wavelength of digital image correlation method affected.
To distinguish between specimen itself and light color, angle characteristics, test specimen put acrylic paint, They bore the specimen and the latter part of the Left. And face paint left over to the Department of rough, the second half of the paint more evenly. Paint the lines back strain paste regulations; Will specimen for tensile test with different perspectives and red, blue, green and white with different color light irradiation specimen surface and then like, respectively against Yes / No paint region do digital image correlation analysis.
From the analysis of the data to explore the different characteristics, and to find out whether some of the laws to provide selected as a light source and the point of exposure basis, these characteristics or the cause.
Based on this analysis of the experiments were gray-scale images drawings and to certify whether to identify the characteristics of a reasonable, is used to observe image itself gray value distribution, and find out the basis of evidence.
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