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標題: M/M/R機器修理問題含有備用機器及兩種故障模式之經濟分析
Economic analysis of the M/M/R machine repair problem with spares and two modes of failure
作者: 吳俊達
Wu, Zun-Da
關鍵字: APPLIED-MATHEMATICS;機器修理;MATHEMATICS;Two failure modes;Standbys;System availability;故障模式;經濟分析;應用數學;數學;兩種壞掉模式;備用機器;系統可靠度
出版社: 應用數學研究所
作機器 (operating machine) 及S部備用機器 (spare machine) ,每部
器可以考慮是冷備 (cold standby) ,暖備 (warm standby),或是熱備
(hot standby)}。兩種壞掉模式有相同的機率被修理,其壞掉的時間和修
(cost function) 決定在系統中有幾個修理工人及備用機器可以使系統消
費最少而且使系統可靠度 (system availability)達到一特定標準。
In this thesis, we deal with the machine repair problem where a
group of M operating machines and S spare machines both have
two failure modes and are maintained by R repairmen. Spares are
considered to be either cold-standby, or warm-standby, or hot-
standby. The two failure modes have equal probability of
repair. Failure time of the machines and repair time of the
repairmen are assumed to be negative exponentially distributed.
A cost model is developed in order to determine the optimal
values of the number of repairmen and spares simultaneously,
while maintaining the system availability at a certain level.
Numerical results are presented in which several system
characteristics are evaluated for three types of standby under
optimal operating conditions.
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