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標題: 表面形態特性對固體材料表面能影響之探討
Investigation of the Surface Energy of Solid Material Influenced by Surface Morphology
作者: 楊志茂
Mao, Yang Zhi
關鍵字: Surface Energy;表面能
出版社: 機械工程學系

The effects of surface morphology of solid materials on surface energy are investigated in this paper. The surface forms and structures being examined in the present works consist of the transparent plastic plates coated by different color materials, the copper surfaces grown with oxide films and the engineering plastic materials composed of different molecular structures. The contact angles formed by three kinds of liquid drops on solid surface are measured by the dynamic contact angle analyzer. The surface energy involved in the Young's equation is then numerical calculated in conjunction with the use of the Lewis acid/base model. The liquids used in the present experiments include water, Formamide and Ethylene glycol.
The experimental results show that (1) the surface energies of the transparent plastic plates are decreased as the thickness of the coated color materials are increased, (2) the copper surfaces increase its surface energy due to the formation of copper oxide (red), and (3) the harder plastic materials incorporated with its molecular structure show higher surface energies . We conclude that surface morphology significantly affects the surface energy, which reflects the surface nature of the solid material.
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