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標題: CCD-CMOS鏡頭模組檢測系統開發研究
Development of a Inspection System for CCD-CMOS Camera Module
作者: 黃文傑
Huang, Wen-Chieh
關鍵字: modulation transfer function;調製傳遞函數;Colour Theory;Fourier Transform;色彩學;傅立葉轉換
出版社: 機械工程學系

At present, the most prevailing digital image storage devices on the market are digital cameras, mobile phones, web cams and so forth. The types of image sensors can be generally divided into two separate categories: charge coupled device (CCD) and complementary metal oxide semiconductor (CMOS).
Owing to the advancement in manufacturing technologies of camera modules, how to improve the quality of images, to pursue multi-function of products and to minimize the volume of machinery equipment are crucial objectives. In addition, when facing the great market demands for CCD/CMOS camera modules, the increasing outputs of productions becomes a inevitable trend. Therefore, how to scrutinize the great quantity of camera modules effectively and efficiently turns into a significant job. However, the inspection measures for the time being are all at self-made stages, which accompanying with artificial samplings, so that the outcomes of specifications and standards can rarely be identical.
The goal of this thesis is in the pursuit of designing a set of user-friendly, reasonable-priced optic inspection system, and in order to provide each manufacturer to process quick examinations for considerable quantities of camera modules. In the process of developing the inspection system, the designs of which particularly emphasize on minimization and simplification for the sake of saving time, decreasing the cost of constructing devices, speeding up inspections. Furthermore, by means of utilizing the concepts of modulation transfer function and chromatic aberration, it can be regarded as a basis for judging the quality of images of camera modules.
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