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標題: N方策M/G(G)/1排隊系統含有單一可移動及會故障服務者之比較分析
Comparative Analysis for the N Policy M/G(G)/1 Queueing System with a Removable and Unreliable Server
作者: 王立萍
關鍵字: N Policy;N方策;M/G(G)/1;M/G(G)/1
出版社: 應用數學系

This thesis analyzes a single removable and unreliable server in the N policy M/G/1 queueing system in which the server breaks down according to a Poisson process and the repair time obeys an arbitrary distribution. The maximum entropy method is used to develop the approximate steady-state probability distributions of the N policy M/G(G)/1 queueing system, where the second and the third symbols denote service time and repair time distributions, respectively. A study of the derived approximate results, compared to the exact results for the M/M(M)/1, M/E3(E4)/1, M/H2(H3)/1 and M/D(D)/1 queueing systems, suggest that the maximum entropy principle provides a useful method for solving complex queueing systems.
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