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標題: 以指數群檢定量求取一多項分配之勝算比的近似信賴區間及近似信賴水準
Confidence interval and confidence level for the odds ratio of a multinomial distribution by the family of power divergence statistics.
作者: 曾慧菁
theng, hui-ching
關鍵字: family of power divergence statistics;指數群檢定量;odds ratio;勝算比
出版社: 應用數學系
假設{X }為一多項分配Mul(N,P ,P ,P ,P ),本論文所要討論的是如何採用Cressie及Read (1984)所提出的指數群檢定量( the family of power divergence statistics )求得勝算比j =P P /P P 之近似信賴區間,並求其真確信賴水準及模擬信賴水準。我們的結論是最小方格期望期( minimum cell expectation ) 大於等於5且0.67£l£1.5時,我們求得的信賴水準大都大於或接近信賴水準1-a。

Let {X } is multinomial distribution Mul(N,P ,P ,P ,P ),The power divergence family of statistics (indexed by l) introduced by Cressie and Read (1984) is employed to obtain asymptotic confidence intervals for j =P P /P P . The actual confidence levels and simulated confidence levels are computed exactly and by computer simulations. It is observed that when 0.67£l£1.5 and when minimum cell expectation 35, the power divergence intervals performed uniformly larger than and near confidence level 1-a。
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