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標題: 旋轉碟片上胃型微混合器之模擬分析
Numerical Simulations of Stomach-like Micromixer on a Rotating Disk
作者: 張家維
Chang, Chia-Wei
關鍵字: micromixer;微混合器;centrifugal force;Corioils force;離心力;科氏力
出版社: 機械工程學系所
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本研究分析旋轉碟片上胃型微混合器的三維流場及混合效果。旋轉碟片造成的離心力與科氏力,可以在混合槽內產生渦漩及彎曲偏移的流體界面而提升混合效益。胃型混合槽半徑為750 μm,進出口流道寬度固定為300 μm,而流道深度分別為200 μm與300 μm,轉速範圍為240-1440 rpm。混合效益,以深度較大的混合槽於順時針旋轉的時候最好。模擬結果發現混合效益隨著轉速增加而增加,720 rpm時可以達到70%以上。另外,我們比較模擬的混合流場與可視化實驗,得到類似的現象。
我們也根據胃型混合槽模擬的流場特性,對混合槽幾何結構加以改進,提升混合效益。經過一些測試,在流道中增設弧形檔板的混合器,於1200 rpm時的混合效益比原來的胃型混合器高出10%。

This paper presents a numerical study of fluid mixing in a stomach-like micromixer that is undergoing clockwise or counter-clockwise rotation. It is found that the centrifugal force generated during rotation propels the fluids in the radial direction, and the mixing is enhanced mainly due to the vortex formed in the micromixer in couple with the lateral secondary flow induced by the Coriolis force. The mixing efficiency increases with increasing rotational speed. The mixing efficiency can reach as much as 70% at a speed of 720 rpm for the clockwise case while the counter-clockwise rotating mixing can only reach as high as 63%~69% up to a speed of 1500 rpm. It is also found that the mixer with a larger channel depth shows better mixing efficiency. The present numerical simulations are in good agreement with the flow visualization carried out using fluids of ferric chloride and ammonium thiocyanate solutions.
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