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標題: M/M/R暖備用機器修理問題包含服務者部分故障及延遲修理之成本分析
Cost Analysis of the Warm-Standby M/M/R Machine Repair Problem with Server Partial Breakdowns and Delay Repair
作者: 古惠慈
Ku, Hui-Tzu
關鍵字: 成本分析;cost analysis;服務者部分故障;延遲修理;暖備用機器;機率全域搜索;server partial breakdowns;delay repair;warm standby machine;Probability global search Lausanne
出版社: 統計學研究所
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本文研究了含有服務者部分故障及延遲修理之M/M/R 暖備用機器修理問題。當一台運作機器(或暖備用機器)故障時,它會立即被偵測,找出並修理。服務者可能在任何時候部分故障,但他仍然可以提供服務。部分故障服務者可能被延遲修理。首先,我們運用了矩陣分析方法推導出穩態機率,而得到不同的系統效能測度。其次,發展一個成本模型並使用機率全域搜索法來找尋最佳服務者和暖備用機器的個數(R,S),以(R*,S*)表示,和兩種服務率(mu_w,mu_d)的最佳值,以(mu_w*,mu_d*)表示,使得成本值為最小。最後,在最佳解的條件下,提供了不同系統效能測度的數值計算。同時,進行了敏感度分析。

This paper investigates the warm-standby M/M/R machine repair problem with server partial breakdowns and delay repair. When an operating machine (or warm standby) fails, it may be immediately detected, located, and replaced. The server can partial break down at any time but he still can serve. The partial broken down servers will be delay repaired. Firstly, we use a matrix-form method to derive the steady-state probabilities, using which various system performance measures that can be obtained. Secondly, a cost model is developed and we use the Probability global search Lausanne to find the optimal value of servers and warm standbys (R,S) , say (R*,S*) , and the optimal value of two kinds of service rate (mu_w,mu_d) , say (mu_w*,mu_d*) at the minimum cost. Finally, numerical results are provided in which various system performance measures are calculated under optimal operating conditions. Sensitivity analysis is also investigated.
其他識別: U0005-0708201315483900
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