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1-錯誤偵測碼研究喻石生 ; 黃政治-
3-The Design and Implementation of an Object-Oriented ATM Router Simulator (I)陳文賢; 林偉 -
4-A Version Control Mechanism to Support Object Versions and Concurrency Control for OODBMS賈坤芳-
6-國家實驗網路GigaPop維運計畫-子計畫VI:中興大學GigaPop維運計畫林偉 -
7-Studies of Link Access Control-Related Protocols for IMT-2000陳文賢-
8-增級複率網路及頻寬分配方式林偉 -
9-多重內嵌式記憶體自我維修架構設計黃德成 -
10-A Study of Efficient Texture Synthesis Algorithms王宗銘 -
11-數碼性質研究喻石生 ; 趙有光-
13-Studies of Medium Access Control/Radio Link Control-Related Protocols for IMT-2000 (III)陳文賢-
14-A Study of Authoring Tools for Shared Virtual Environments王宗銘 -
15-A Design and Implementation of an Integrated Environment for Numerical Wind Tunnel(III)王宗銘 -
16-Performance Analysis of Variate Min Switch under Bursty Traffic林偉 -
18-A Study of Efficient Texture Synthesis Algorithms王宗銘 -
19-A Study of Global Illumination Rendering Algorithms on PC-Cluster Environments王宗銘 -
23-植基於代理程式的無線網路感知式資訊服務廖宜恩 -
24-Environment Establishment for Taiwan Common Language(I)余明興 ; 古鴻炎-
25-可證明安全的認證式存取控制之研究(II)詹進科 -
26-A Design and Implementation of an Integrated Environment for Numerical Wind Tunnel王宗銘 ; 朱賢良-
28-Automatic Segmentation, Classification, and Similarity Retrieval Systems of CT Images for Lung Cancer黃博惠-
29-A Study of Bone Age Clustering System of Hand Radiographs喻石生 ; 徐山靜-
30-A Two-Phase Genetic Local Search Algorithm for Training the Generalized Feedforward Neural Network曾怜玉-
31-An Effective Image Inpainting Method and Its Application to Remove Dust Spots and Hot Pixels from Digital -SLR Images吳俊霖 -
32-In Development of Popularized Teaching Materials from Advanced Information Technology in Biotechnology for High-School Science Education吳俊霖 -
33-即時線上自我修復架構(I)黃德成 -
34-A Cross-Layer Judgment Scheme for Solving Retransmission Problem in Ieee 802.15.4 Wireless Sensor Networks曾學文 -
36-The Research of Techniques for a Real Time Location Information Service Based on Crowd-Sourcing范耀中 -
37-Study on Cryptographic Protocols and Applications Based on Smart Cards洪國寶-
38-Paged Cache Design Enhanced by Frequent Pattern Recoding (FPR) Technique張延任 -
39-台灣共通語言之軟體工具余明興 -
40-超大型封包分類器之設計與分析王丕中 ; 詹家泰-
41-A Study of UMTS Authentication and Key Agreement Protocol and Its Charging Mechanisms詹進科 -
42-Finding Pause Information in a Mandarin TTS System from a Parse Tree余明興 -
43-A Fast Distortion-Free Data Hiding Method for High Dynamic Range Images and Its Application to Image Encoding吳俊霖 -
44-Skippable B2B Lookup Scheme for Energy Efficiency張延任 -
45-Fusion, Segmentation and Automatic Indexing for Magnetic Resonance Images黃博惠-
46-Design and Implemenation of a Self-Adaptive Disk Schduling Algorithm Using Cross-Layer Information張軒彬 -
47-Low-Power Ternary Content Addressable Memory (TCAM) Design Used in Network Router張延任 -
48-高維度封包分類演算法之設計與分析王丕中 ; 詹家泰-
49-具可驗證性之RFID資產管理安全服務之研究詹進科 ; 陳育毅-
50-Low Power Noise Resilient and Packet-Loss Tolerant Schemes for Body Sensor Network Communications陳煥 ; 鄭伯炤-
Results 1-50 of 160 (Search time: 0.041 seconds).