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標題: 火力電廠雙併式鋼管煙囪結構振動之研究
Studies of the Vibration of the Twin Steel Stacks in Thermal Power Plants
作者: 黃達義
Huang, Dar-Yih
出版社: 機械工程學系

The analytical approximate method is applied to analyze dynamic parameters of high twin steel of the tie bars stacks. The aim is to study the effects of the stiffness and dampers connecting the twin steel stacks on the natural frequencies and dynamic responses of the structure. The findings may be served as a reference guide for designing the tie-bars or installing dampers to control the vibration of the stacks.
The Lagrange's equation in conjunction with the assumed modes method is used to obtain the equations of motion of the system. In order to verify the present model, the results are compared with those obtained using ANSYS, a commercial finite element software, and with the experimental results in Ref [10].
Finally, by employing the present model, the natural frequencies of the systems due to variation of the stiffness of the tie-bars are studied. Then the influence of the stiffness of tie-bars as well as the damping coefficients of viscous dampers on the dynamic responses of the twin-stacks structure subjected to the earthquake excitation is investigated. The results can be a useful reference for further modification of the twin-stacks structure.
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