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標題: Minimum LP-Norm 相位展開之探討與改善
The study for Minimum LP-Norm on Unwrapping Phase
作者: 蘇禹龍
Su, Yu-Long
關鍵字: 電子斑點干涉術;ESPI;最小P次方法;Minimum LP-Norm
出版社: 機械工程學系所
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光學量測技術具有非接觸性、高靈敏度、即時量測等優點,如電子斑點干涉術(Electronic Speckle Pattern Interferometry),簡稱ESPI),主要是利用光干涉原理,得到干涉條紋圖,再運用相移技術得到包裹相位圖,進而使用相位展開技術得到原始相位圖,再轉化成我們需要得知的物理量,如位移、變形等等,以方便觀察。
本論文主要是以Minimum LP-Norm作為相位展開技術的主要方法,但由於此方法仍有些許的地方需要改進,因此我們便針對它的缺點一一詳述並尋求改善,以期提升此方法的效率。

The measure of optics has the non-contact, the high sensitivity, immediate measure,and so on the merit. Take Electronic Speckle Pattern Interferometry for example, it uses interference principle to obtains the interference fringe, then uses Phase-shifting method to get wrap phase.

In this paper, we use Minimum LP-Norm to unwrap the wrap phase. But in fact, this method has many shortcomings to improve. So in this paper, I will introduce Minimum LP-Norm formula and faults gradually to enhance this method efficency.
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