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標題: 相位關聯法於雷射探頭方向校準之研究
Point Laser Triangulation Probe Alignment by Phase Correlation Method
作者: 劉政猷
Liou, Jen-You
關鍵字: Alignment;校準;Phase Correlation Method;Laser Probe;Coordinate Measure Machine;相位關聯法;雷射探頭;三次元量床
出版社: 機械工程學系所
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為了因應目前不斷提升的精密製造技術,必須採用有效率且精確的量測系統,所以本研究使用了雷射位移感測器搭配三次元量床(CMM)組成一套3-D非接觸式的量測系統。在整體系統校正方面,我們選擇了相位關聯法(Phase Correlation Method)於雷射探頭的量測方向進行校準,也應用了三角錐校正法對於雷射探頭與接觸式探頭之間的參考位置進行校正。另外,三角錐斜面的斜率對於雷射探頭的量測數據會產生誤差。因此,我們結合一塊標準塊規量測平面和一組旋轉平台來模擬各種不同角度的三角錐。目的是針對不同斜面角度的三角錐對於雷射探頭量測與校正時的誤差影響量進行研究與分析,最後決定出三角校正錐斜面的最佳設計角度。

The more manufacturing techniques advance, the more efficient and accurate measuring system is needed and the more powerful calibration scheme must be developed. This paper uses the coordinate measuring machine as the workhorse and develops an alignment procedure for the point laser triangulation probe. We align the orientation of laser probe by phase correlation method and calibrate the reference position of it by using a pyramid artifact. Additionally, the gradient of the surface of pyramid artifact will introduce errors when measured by laser probe. In order to verify the effect of the gradients of the surface of pyramid artifact, we place a inclination adjustable non-specular block gauge on a rotatable platform to form different gradient of the surface of the pyramid artifacts.
Finally, we had discussed and analyzed the errors caused by gradient of the surface of pyramid artifact when measured by laser probe for aligning the orientation of laser probe, and decided the optimal surface orientation of pyramid artifact design.
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