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標題: 一個新的強制式保護模型及其多例消除機構
A New Mandatory Protection Model and Its Polyinstantiation Elimination Scheme
作者: 張錦周 
Chang, Jin-Chou 
關鍵字: secrecy;祕密性;integrity;mandatory access control;discretionary access control;polyinstantiation;signaling channel;完整性;強制式存取控制;隨意式存取控制;多例;信號通知通道
出版社: 資訊科學學系
本研究中,我們將Bell LaPadula模型的祕密性限制條件與Biba模型
強制式存取控制模型。此模型滿足下列需求 1.避免限制一個主體只能讀

In this study, we integrate the secrecy constraints of the
Bell LaPadula model with the integrity constraints of the Biba
model, andadopt the cryptographic technology of access control
in a hierarchy to derive a new mandatory access control model.
This model satisfiesthe following requirements: 1. avoid
limiting a subject only to be able to read an object with the
same access class. 2. avoid overly upgrading the security level
of data due to data update or insertion.3. make batch operations
possible. Furthermore, under this model, weinvestigate the
polyinstantiation problem and propose a new scheme tocompletely
eliminate polyinstantiation in a multilevel relation. Thisscheme
decomposes a multilevel relation into several base relations and
makes use of object identifier as a link between base relations.
It not only resolves cover story problem but also avoids the
need ofmodifying "restricted" values to "unrestricted" values
when all dataat higher access classes have to be updated to
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