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標題: 懸臂樑式壓電發電機之結構阻尼探討
A Study on Damping Ratio of Cantilever Beam Type Piezoelectric Generator
作者: 陳智昇
關鍵字: Vibration;振動;Piezoelectricity Power Generator;Damping Ratio;壓電發電機;懸臂樑
出版社: 機械工程學系

Vibration is often to be considered as a factor that reduces the precision and life of machine in many aspects. But when the vibration behavior is combined with the piezoelectricity material, the vibration behavior of structure can force piezoelectricity material to produce electric charge due to piezoelectricity effect. With this phenomenon, a cantilever beam type piezoelectricity electricity generation system can be developed. Because the damping ratio of structure will influence the speed of vibration energy dissipation directly and also the size of structure will influence the damping ratio, therefore the aim of this thesis is to find out the relationships between the size of structure, damping ratio and generated power of this system.
In this thesis, the theoretical model of damping ratio and voltage is derived first to find out all relative parameters. Then experiments are performed to verify the theoretical model. Also the finite element software ANSYS is used to simulate the nature resonance frequency to ensure the accuracy of experiments. From the theoretical model and experiment, the damping ratio is increasing along the length and the voltage generated is relative to the ratio of length to width for a cantilever beam type piezoelectricity electricity generation with constant volume and depth.
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