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標題: 汽車安全座椅與手推嬰兒車兩用機構整合設計研究
Mechanisms Design for Integration of Car seat and Stroller
作者: 邱照義
Chiou, Chao-Yi
關鍵字: car seat;汽車安全座椅;stroller;QFD;TRIZ;手推嬰兒車;品質機能展開;創造性問題解決理論
出版社: 機械工程學系

After the law of car seat has been executed, baby or child must sit on car seat when he/she is in the car. Also when the age of baby or child is less than two years old, he/she often sits on the stroller when travel, shopping or any outdoor activity with parents. Therefore, how to put these two devices into a small space inside the car is a painful question for parents.
The aim of this research is to design a mechanism which has the function of car seat and stroller to solve the problem mentioned before. First, study on the existing products and patents are performed to understand current situation. Then QFD methodology is used to find out users' needs, and TRIZ methodology is followed to create new design. Finally, finite element software ANSYS is used to analyze the strength of structure of this new design to ensure safety requirement.
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