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標題: 基於預取與暫存技術上的硬碟工作排程省電方法
Disk Power-aware Scheduling Scheme Based-on Energy Efficient Prefetching and Caching
作者: 盧慶達 
關鍵字: disk power-aware;硬碟省電
出版社: 資訊科學研究所
1. 當硬碟電源狀態為一般模式時的排程演算法。
2. 當硬碟電源狀態為省電模式時的排程演算法。
3. 剩餘預取資料低於門檻時的排程演算法。

During the past few years, with the dramatic improvement of information technology , modern disk can transmit data in high rotational speed and provide large capacity. However, the disk energy consuming still not improved that limits mobile computer's battery lifetime. In this paper, we build a disk power-aware scheduling scheme based on energy efficient pre-fetching and caching to extend disk idle time in the low power mode. We provide three scheduling algorithms listing as follows:
1. Disk in spinning mode task scheduling algorithm.
2. Disk in spin down mode task scheduling algorithm.
3. Task remains pre-fetch data smaller than threshold task scheduling algorithm.
By applying these three power management schemes can extend mobile computer's battery lifetime with dramatically improvement.
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