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標題: 以IOTP建構符合行動通訊實務的B2C電子商務安全研究
A Secure B2C Mobile Commerce Protocol Integrated into the Internet Open Trading Protocol
作者: 劉岳鑫 
Hsin, Liu Yueh 
關鍵字: IOTP;IOTP;E-commerce;mobile commerce;E-business;行動商務;電子交易;電子商務
出版社: 資訊科學研究所

The Internet Open Trading Protocol (IOTP) provides an interoperable framework for Internet commerce. It is payment system independent and encapsulates payment systems such as SET, Mondex, CyberCash, DigiCash, GeldKarte, etc. It identifies five major trading roles. IOTP is able to handle cases where such merchant roles as the shopping site, the Payment Handler, the Delivery Handler of goods or services, and the provider of customer support are performed by different parties or by one party. This specification of version 1.0 is Baseline IOTP. It is a Baseline in that it contains ways of doing trades on the Internet which are the most common.
However,mobile commerce becomes an important role in E-business because of the convenience of mobile device.But the scenarios IOTP version 1.0 concerned about is taking place in the way consumers and merchants trade(B2C).In this paper,we try to integrate a secure mobile commerce protocol into IOTP.
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