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標題: 以IOTP建構符合國際貿易實務的B2B電子商務安全研究
Integration of a Secure B2B E-commerce Protocol for International Trade into the Internet Open Trading Protocol
作者: 呂俊超 
Lu, James 
關鍵字: 資訊安全;Information Security;IOTP;國際貿易;B2B電子商務;Internet Open Trading Protocol;International Trade;B2B E-commerce
出版社: 資訊科學研究所
近年來由於網路科技以及資訊技術的快速發展,帶動了電子商務的興起,形成了經濟貿易全球化的趨勢。企業最重視的是在企業與企業間的商業應用或國際貿易的應用,其重點在於雙方的資訊交換機制,當然電子化的方式來從事企業間的資訊比傳統人工作業方式為佳,其主要優點可以促進商業的自動化,也可以讓商業互動更有效率、更具規模、更加可靠、更為安全。不過,這需要有標準可以讓企業依循運作。但是,在IOTP v.1中只提到在B2C的應用,還不適用於B2B的模式。
在目前國際貿易(International Trade)正逐步從電腦化進入到網路化,未來趨勢將邁向網際貿易(Internet Trade)。因此本文將針對IOTP在國際貿易流程不足之處提出更完善的設計,提升效率與強化安全稽核,讓B2B 電子商貿之資訊流、金流、物流的運作可完全在網際網路上進行。

In the recent year the develop of the internet and information technology made a lot of new e-businesses environment. business organizations have been interacting in international trade and business-to-business (B2B) scenarios to reach their goals. Companies need to exchange data with their trading partners to conduct business. Exchanging data electronically has many advantages over manual transmission. The most important advantage is the ability to automate business processes. Some other advantages are timeless, traceability, reliability, scalability and security. Exchanging data electronically necessitates standards so that the applications at both ends can understand each other. However, the scenarios IOTP version 1.0 concerned about is taking place in the way consumers and merchants trade (B2C).
Now, the international trade is entering a new age, the trend will be the Internet trade in the future. So, in this article we will improve IOTP that it can support the international trade and B2B, and try to figure out the total solution for the automation, e-contract, and security control of the Internet trade.
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