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標題: 應用零相位誤差追蹤控制器於微動平台之研究
A Study on the Application of Zero Phase Error Tracking Controller for Micro Stage
作者: 林士傑
Lin, Jeffery
關鍵字: hystersis;磁滯現象;zero phase error tracking controller;零相位誤差追蹤控制器
出版社: 機械工程學系
本研究的目標為應用零相位誤差追蹤控制器於精密微動平台的軌跡追蹤上,整個受控系統如下所組成,致動器使用壓電陶瓷(PZT),其有奈米解析度之優點;搭配一單自由度撓性微動平台,是由撓性腳鏈與平板彈簧所構成,並具有一放大機構來補償壓電陶瓷行程短之缺點,放大微動平台的移動行程,位移感測器採用電容式感測器。單軸精密微定位系統採用閉迴路控制,藉由壓電陶瓷推動精密微動平台,再由電容式感測器回授位移訊號,構成閉迴路控制系統,控制法則採用PI閉迴路控制,另外搭配直接命令前饋控制器與零相位誤差追蹤控制器,藉由兩種不同控制架構來觀察系統的軌跡追蹤性能,定位系統控制器則採用個人電腦架構作為控制器(PC Based Control)。
精密微定位系統控制架構採用PI閉迴路控制搭配零相位誤差追蹤控制器,在軌跡追蹤控制上,成功地將偏差量bias控制在20nm以內,振動幅度的1 值控制在25nm以內。

Along with the fast growing of semiconductor industry, the processing and designing technologies of semiconductor have improved to nanometer precision. To achieve nano-precision requirement, the positioning system has played a very important role. Hence, in this thesis, the tracking control of the precision positioning system was selected for investigation.
The objective of this research was applied zero phase error tracking controller for the trajectory tracking of precision positioning system. The system was composed of a piezoelectric actuator (with nanometer resolution), a single degree-of-freedom flexural stage (constructed by notch hinges and flat springs), an enlarge mechanism (for enlarge the displacement of piezoelectric actuator), and capacitor sensor was used for displacement measurement. A closed loop control was used for the system. PI feedback control rule together with direct command feedforward control and zero phase error tracking control were used. A personal computer was used as the controller for this system.
From the experiment results, it is found that the PI control rule together with zero phase error tracking control rule has successfully in the tracking control of the positioning system. The bias was controlled under 20 nm, while the standard deviation of the variation was controlled within 25 nm.
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