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標題: 物件導向資料庫系統之暫存區管理
Buffer Management for Object-oriented Database Management Systems
作者: 陳世穎 
Chen, Shi-Ying 
關鍵字: Buffer Management;Object-oriented Database Management System;Query Management
出版社: 資訊科學研究所

Buffer management is an important technique to improve system performance. It reduces the disk I/O cost by caching data in main memory buffers. The technique was originally developed for the main memory management in operating systems and later used in relational database management systems. With the increasing popularity of object-oriented database systems (OODBMS), researchers start to look into the buffer management issue in OODBMS. One big performance penalty of OODBMS is due to pointer chasing using OID (object ID) to reference objects which may scatter around disk pages.
In this thesis, we present a cost model to study both the allocation policy and the replacement policy for the buffer management in OODBMS. The model is derived from the cost formulae of disk accesses for various algorithms to evaluate the three most common types of object access queries, i.e., join, navigational search, and value equality. The cost formulae also take account of object structures (i.e., class hierarchy and class composition hierarchy and indexing techniques. Illustration results of our analysis are shown in this thesis. The applications of this model are also presented. This model can be either directly applied to the buffer management or used to integrate both the buffer management and the query management in OODBMS.
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