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標題: 一種具有公平及安全的行動商務系統設計與實作
Design and implementation of a fair and secure mobile commerce system
作者: 何柏慶 
關鍵字: 行動通話計費;行動票券;Java手機;赫序鏈
出版社: 資訊科學研究所

Due to progress of the mobile technology, the mobile phone has become one of the essentials in modern life. With it, people can touch information anywhere, anytime. In the other words, the mobile phone makes our life easier. Besides the basic function of mobile communication, telecompanies also compete by providing a variety of premium services, for instance, downloading games, reserving tickets, and paying bills. Despite the conveniences that mobile technology brings to life, there are still billing disputes between customers and suppliers. These phone users complain about the accuracy of the bills because telecompanies can not provide evidences to support it.
According to protocols proposed by Chen et al., we propose a safe, as well as secure mobile commerce system which includes a role of “Observer,” based on the unchanged communication structure. With the Mobile Commerce System, users can submit their orders and supervise the ordering process. Also, once the process is done, users can save records for future reference, and protect the benefits of both parties. The technology of integrated coding, like Public Key System,One-way Hash Function and Digital Signature, will improve the insufficiency of the actual system and ensure the safety and fairness of the trade.
After implementing this system and comparing the result with a similar-functioned system, we obtain a satisfactory outcome with the features of high efficiency, which improve the security in today's system.
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