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標題: 藏匿於多重頻率域具強韌性質的數位浮水印技術
A Robust Image Watermarking Scheme in Multiple Frequency Domains
作者: 張家銘 
Chang, Chia-Ming 
關鍵字: Digital watermarking;數位浮水印;Discrete Wavelet Transform;Discrete Fourier Transform;Visual Cryptography;離散小波轉換;離散傅利葉轉換;視覺密碼學
出版社: 資訊科學研究所

In this thesis, a new robust blind watermarking scheme based on double frequency domains, DWT and DFT, is proposed. In order to protect the rights of legal buyer and seller, we encode the watermark into shares in Visual Cryptography. Then shares are embedded in DWT and DFT domain respectively to protect the image from image processing attacks or geometric distortion attacks. The scheme is robust under a public authentication environment, which has been ignored by most researchers. Experimental results show that the proposed scheme meets the features mentioned above with good quality of watermarked image. Furthermore, the watermark can be extracted without the original image.
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