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標題: 適應性模糊濾波器結合置換誤差為基礎之演算法以改善主動噪音控制之性能
Adaptive Fuzzy Filter Incorporating with Commutation Error-based Algorithm to Improve Active Noise Control Performance
作者: 呂少瑜
Lu, Shau-Yo
關鍵字: Adaptive fuzzy filter;適應模糊濾波器
出版社: 機械工程學系所
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In this thesis, we consider adaptive fuzzy filter for the purpose of active noise control (ANC). A least mean square (LMS) algorithm has been developed for a fuzzy filter as a nonlinear adaptive filter in the application of signal processing. Directly applying the adaptive fuzzy filter with the LMS algorithm in the ANC applications may lead to failure or slow convergence due to the existence of dynamic effects of the secondary path. Therefore, a filtered reference signal based LMS algorithm is proposed to overcome this problem. In addition, a commutation error (CE) term is defined and incorporated to obtain a CE-based adaptive algorithm for fuzzy filters in ANC applications. Results of computer simulation show that our proposed adaptive algorithms can achieve better ANC performance in terms of convergence rate and level of noise reduction as compared to that of the existing LMS algorithm. Results of experiment demonstrate the improvement and support the effectiveness of the proposed algorithms.
其他識別: U0005-2711200712370300
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