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標題: 自發熱甲醇重組器製氫性能量測
Measurement of the Performance of the Autothermal Type Methanol Reformer for Hydrogen Generation
作者: 林仁信
Lin, Jen Hsing
關鍵字: reformer;重組器
出版社: 機械工程學系
本研究設計一套自發熱重組器系統,採用甲醇、水、空氣當作重組燃料,使用現行機車電子控制式噴射引擎之燃油噴射器,作為本甲醇重組器進料之控制使用,重組器本體管長450 mm、大管內徑70 mm、小管內徑43 mm,並利用SUD-CHEMIE公司所生產之MDC-3型商品化觸媒,塗佈於機車用不鏽鋼蜂巢載體上參與甲醇重組製氫反應。在重組器啟動反應初期,將機車火星塞點火系統移植到本重組器上,並藉由訊號產生器供給CDI點火訊號,使火星塞產生跳火,燃燒甲醇產生穩定火焰,以提供本實驗所需之熱源。
關於實驗結果方面,可即時調整S/C比、O/C比,當甲醇進料率0.134 mol/min、S/C=0.209、O/C=1.263,冷啟動時間約5分鐘;甲醇進料率0.134 mol/min、S/C=0.209、O/C=0.379,H2可達32 (vol %);甲醇進料率0.153 mol/min、S/C=0.183、O/C=0.444,H2產生率為0.142 mol/min。

The purpose of this study is to design a system of autothermal reformer. It takes methanol, water and air as reformed fuel, and then using the E.F.I. (Electric Fuel Injection) system of motorbike engine to control the feeding of methanol reformer. Furthermore, it uses commercialized catalyst MDC-3 that is produced by the SUD-CHEMIE Company. And the catalyst is spread on the stainless steel honeycomb carrier of the motorbike, which is reacted with the methanol. At the beginning of the reaction of the reformer’ start, we implanted the firing system of ignition plugs of motorbike into basic reformer, and we use function generator to provide CDI (Capacity Discharge Ignition) the signal of firing which can make ignition plugs to produce miss fires, then it can burn the methanol to produce the stable fire to supply the heat resource that this experiment needs.
As to the result of this experiment, we can adjust it S/C ratio and O/C ratio. When the feeding rate of methanol is 0.134 mol/min、S/C=0.209、O/C=1.263, the start-up time is about 5 minutes; when the feeding rate of methanol is 0.134 mol/min、S/C=0.209、O/C=0.379, the ratio of production of H2 can reach 32 (vol %);and when the feeding rate of methanol is 0.153 mol/min、S/C=0.183、O/C=0.444, the ratio of production of H2 can reach 0.142 mol/min.
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