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標題: 差異性服務網路下比例式封包遺失控制之效能改善
Performance Enhancement of Proportional Loss Rate Control in Differentiated Service Network
作者: 詹博欽 
Jan, Bo-Chin 
關鍵字: proportional differentiation service;比例式差異性服務;QoS;packet shortage phenomenon;服務品質保證;封包短缺現象
出版社: 資訊科學研究所
Proportional differentiation model(PDM)的目標在於達到”一致性”且”可控制性”的relative DiffServ,是近幾年頗受矚目的服務品質保證(QoS)機制。在PDM的架構下,探討的量測效能因素有平均封包延遲與平均封包遺失率兩種,而本篇論文都是著重在平均封包遺失率相關的議題上。首先,會先介紹數個歷來年知名的服務品質保證架構,包括:IntServ、DiffServ、…等。然後,將介紹與探討在proportional loss rate DiffServ下的封包丟棄機制及其缺點,包括:PLR、debt-aware、DPBS。本論文的貢獻在於改良既有的debt-aware機制效能。Debt-aware機制的目標在於降低”封包短缺”現象(packet shortage phenomenon)的負面影響,然而其演算法存在兩點美中不足之處。在第四章中,將會詳細說明debt-aware演算法之缺點與提出的解決方案(稱作advanced debt-aware)。從模擬數據中可以得知,advanced debt-aware方法大幅降低封包短缺現象的負面影響且提升QoS精確程度。

The proportional differentiation model was proposed in [2] as a target for providing controllable and predictable relative differentiated services. This gives network operators management conveniences of services and resources even in a large-scale network. Based on the definition and investigation of the “packet shortage” phenomenon, [8] proposed an enhanced dropping scheme for the proportional differentiated packet loss, which is referred to as “debt-aware”. This paper proposes an advanced debt-aware (adebt-aware) scheme, modified from debt- aware, which can fix some drawbacks of the debt-aware approach. Extensive simulations have been conducted, and the results reveal that the approach we proposed in this paper can mitigate negative effects of “packet shortage” phenomenon, and can closely approximates loss differentiation parameters, as compared to some typical proportional dropping mechanism.
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