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標題: 可處理離散和混合變數之演化策略法
Discrete and Mixed-Variable Evolution Strategy
作者: 陳信昌
Chen, H.C.
關鍵字: 演化式最佳化;RNES;重組率;突變率;離散變數;混合變數
出版社: 機械工程學系

Compared with other evolutionary algorithms the fitness computation in multiobjective solver RNES is relatively simple. The fitness is computed based on the ranks and the crowding status of the individual. But the parameter settings and the evolutionary operators still have rooms to improve. This thesis tries to eliminate the drawbacks of RNES to increase the efficiency and capability of finding better solutions. These efforts include adding new recombination operators, introducing mutation probability and recombination probability and simplifying clustering operation. Some problems are used to test modified RNES and the results are satisfactory.
Many real-life optimization problems contain discrete variables and constraints. In addition to previous improvements this thesis also introduces three methods to treat discrete variable problems. Besides those three methods developed in this thesis one method from other paper using random number of Poisson distribution to treat discrete variables is also tested. The RNES with these discrete variables treating methods can solve not only continuous variable problems but also mixed-variable problems. Several test problem with different characteristics are used to test the methods proposed in this thesis. In general the outcomes show the methods proposed indeed can solve those problems efficiently.
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