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dc.contributor.advisorLee, Hsing-Juin.en_US
dc.contributor.authorGien, Kuo-Don.en_US
dc.description.abstract本文主要以水洞流場觀測探討尖前緣模型在靜態與動態條件下之高攻角流場特性,並和鈍前緣模型做流場特性的比較。本實驗參數為在側滑角(β=0∘~ 10∘)、攻角(α=0∘~50∘)及動態俯仰速率(Pitch Rate) (無因次俯仰頻率K分別為0.022、0.067和0.111),並在上仰(Pitch-Up)及下俯(Pitch-Down)過程中,量測其渦漩崩散(Vortex Burst)位置。 本文以染液釋放法進行流場觀測,由實驗發現,在靜態條件下,當尖前緣模型之攻角增加,其渦漩崩散位置會往翼尖前緣移動,且其左右兩側翼面產生之渦漩崩散位置原則上是對稱的。然而在動態條件下,尖前緣模型產生之渦漩崩散位置會有延遲狀態發生。若側滑角增加,則迎風面(Windward)比背風面(Leeward)的渦漩愈早發生崩散。另外在同樣側滑角下,平板尖前緣模型攻角上仰比攻角下俯過程中之渦漩崩散位置較為遲緩,且隨著俯仰速率的增加,所造成渦漩崩散位置的遲緩狀態更為顯著。本文將比較在尖前緣與鈍前緣模型之流場效應。zh_TW
dc.description.abstractThe purpose of this thesis is to study the observed characteristics of high angle of attack of sharp leading edge flat model both in the static and dynamic condition by applying water tunnel fluid. Also compare them with outboard leading edge. The experiment is to set up specimen position with side slip angle (β=0°~10°), pitch up angle (α=0°~ 50°), and dynamic pitch rate in pitch-up and pitch-down process. From the result of flow field by applying dye release method, the findings show that in the static condition, vortex burst position of flat model will move closer to the front of wing if increasing the pitch-up angle. The position of vortex burst is basically symmetric in both sides of the wing. Nevertheless, there is a vortex burst delay in dynamic situation. If increase sideslip angle, the windward vortex burst will collapse in advance. Also under the same condition, vortex burst will delay more seriously for pitch-up than pitch-down processes. The delay will be more obvious for increasing pitch rate. Also, in this study, we compare different effects between the outboard leading edge model and sharp leading edge model.en_US
dc.description.tableofcontents誌 謝 I 摘 要 II ABSTRACT II 目 錄 II 表目錄 II 圖目錄 II 符號說明 II 第一章 簡介 2 1-1 前言 2 1-2 研究動機與目的 2 第二章 實驗模型與支撐機構 2 2-1 水洞 2 2-2 支撐機構 2 2-3 模型 2 2-4 染液釋放系統 2 2-5 流速計 2 2-6 照相及攝影設備 2 第三章 實驗程序與方法 2 3-1 機構功能校驗 2 3-1-1 系統歸零校驗方法 2 3-1-2 角度電位計之校驗 2 3-2 實驗條件 2 3-3 實驗方法與程序 2 3-4 實驗前準備工作 2 3-5 實驗步驟 2 第四章 實驗結果與討論 2 第五章 結論 2 參考文獻 2 附錄 2zh_TW
dc.subjecthigh angle of attacken_US
dc.subjectArray高攻角 渦漩崩散 俯仰速率zh_TW
dc.subjectburst vortexen_US
dc.subjectpitch rateen_US
dc.titleInvestigation on Flow Characteristics of Statics and Dynamics of Sharp Leading Edge Model at High Angle of Attacken_US
dc.typeThesis and Dissertationzh_TW
item.openairetypeThesis and Dissertation-
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