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標題: 13X-分子篩填充床吸附過程之模擬
Simulation of the Adsorption process in a 13X-Molecular Sieves Packed Bed
作者: 蘇衍祥
Hsiang, Su-Yen
關鍵字: packed bed;填充床;adsorption;axial dispersion;solid-side mass diffusivity;吸附;軸向質傳擴散;固體側有效質傳擴散係數
出版社: 機械工程學系
本研究針對一個13X-分子篩填充床吸附空氣中水蒸氣之過程進行探討,主要研究之目的在於確立模擬此吸附過程之分析模式。研究中採用之分析模式有兩種,其一為具軸向質傳擴散之固體側阻力模式(solid-side resistance model,SSR),另一為不具軸向質傳擴散之固體側阻力模式,研究中嘗試改變分子篩顆粒半徑(R)、填充床長度(L) 與固體側質傳擴散係數( )之大小,以觀察軸向質傳擴散效應之大小,研究結果顯示,此軸向質傳擴散對填充床吸附性能之影響極小,因此於分析中可被忽略。在實驗部份,此研究以直徑3.3 mm顆粒狀之13X分子篩做為填充床中之吸附劑,以進行吸附過程中填充床出口處空氣濕度(露點溫度)與溫度之動態實驗量測,並且在相同之操作條件下,以修正後之路易士數(Le)與固體側質傳擴散係數進行電腦模擬,電腦模擬採用不具軸向質傳擴散之SSR模式,此模擬之結果並與實驗量測之數據比較,結果顯示兩者具有良好的符合性。

The process in a packed bed with 13-X molecular sieves as adsorbent in adsorption of water was investigated. It intended to establish an accurate model for analyzing this process. Two solid-side resistance (SSR) models, one with considering axial dispersion effect and the other without considering axial dispersion effect were used in comparison. For various values of particle radius (R), packed-bed length (L) and solid-side mass diffusivity ( ), the axial dispersion effect was evaluated. The result shows that this effect on the adsorption performance is minor. Thus in general, it can be neglected in analysis. In experiment, 13-X molecular sieve particles with diameter of 3.3 mm were used as the adsorbent in a packed bed. The variations of temperature and dewpoint temperature at the exit were measured. Based on the same operating conditions, a computer simulation, using the SSR model without considering the axial dispersion effect, was performed. Modified Lewis number (Le) and modified solid-side mass diffusivity were adopted. It reveals that the simulation result matches well with the measured data.
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