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標題: 應用全像光學元件之新式微型光學頭設計
Novel small form factor optical head design with the holographic optical element
作者: 謝冠群
Hsieh, Guan-Chung
關鍵字: optical pickup head;光學讀取頭;holographic optical element;binary optics;全像光學元件;二元光學
出版社: 機械工程學系所
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本研究提出一新式微型光學讀取頭系統架構,並以光學模擬軟體對其加以設計;設計中加入一全像光學元件(holographic optical element,HOE)用以減少元件數目並縮簡光學讀取頭之整體架構。
後續藉由二元化光學(binary optics)之方式使全像光學元件得以近似並實現之;實作部份我們利用微影蝕刻製程將全像光學元件完成,接著驗證其光學使用效率與設計所需求相符合。研究中並且完成系統所需各元件,最後利用虛像原理調整全像光學元件將組裝誤差作補償,實際完成光學讀取頭整體架構。

In this study, we demonstrate a novel small form factor optical pickup head and use the optical simulation software to design the optical system. We adopt a holographic optical element(HOE) to reduce the number of components and simplify the system configuration.
Afterward, we approximate and realize the holographic optical element by the method of binary optics. In fabrication, we use lithography and etch process to accomplish it and to verify its optical efficiency for being consistent with the design values. After finishing all components of the system, we use the virtual image principle to adjust the holographic optical element for compensating the error caused by the assembly process. Finally, we carry out the practical optical head system.
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