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標題: 差異式服務網路中資源分配之延展性設計
On scalable design for resource allocation in differentiated service networks
作者: 林榮懋 
Lin, Lung-Mau 
關鍵字: QoS;服務品質保證;differentiated service network;scalable;resource allocation;差異式服務網路;延展性;資源分配
出版社: 資訊科學系所
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In order to increase scalable in differentiated service network , we use quota-based to allocation resource in the network domain . By the way we cat not only reduce the communication between edge router and bandwidth broker but reduce the number of update the database when process the request message . We also use token to search available bandwidth in other edge router when the network domain can not allocate bandwidth in unit of quota any more so that we can increase the capability of bandwidth .
In this way , we can really reduce the overhead when the bandwidth broker process the request message and prevent the disadvantage when we allocate bandwidth in the unit of quota . This method let the system have better scalable and also increase the capability of bandwidth .
其他識別: U0005-2907200613380200
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