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標題: 利用伺服器輔助加速有限運算能力裝置之橢圓曲線點乘法運算
Server-aided elliptic curve point multiplication for resource-limited devices
作者: 劉文雄
Liu, Wen-Shung
關鍵字: Elliptic Curve;橢圓曲線;Elliptic Curve Cryptosystem;Server-aided;橢圓曲線密碼系統(ECC);伺服器輔助
出版社: 資訊科學系所
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近年來,橢圓曲線密碼系統(Elliptic Curve Cryptosystem,ECC)已廣泛地被一些公認的國際組織如ANSI、IEEE、ISO、NIST制訂為標準並應用於一些商業行為上,如橢圓曲線數位簽章演算ECDSA。由於在相同的安全性方面,ECC所需要的密碼學金鑰長度較RSA短。因此ECC非常適用於智慧卡、手機、個人數位助理(PDA)等無線行動裝置使用。而這些無線行動裝置有一共通的問題為運算能力較弱、記憶體容量較小。

Elliptic Curve Cryptosystem (ECC) has widely received increased commercial acceptance as evidenced by its inclusion in standards by accredited standards organizations such as ANSI, IEEE, ISO and NIST in recent years. It is believed that the key length of elliptic curve cryptosystems can be shorter than that of RSA with the same security strength. Therefore, ECC is suitable for the resource-limited devices such as smart card, cell phone, PDA or other wireless movie mobiles. The problem are that the processing power of the resource-limited device is low and that memory is small.
Point multiplication (KP), is an elliptic curve operation which dominates the execution time of elliptic curve cryptosystems. How to make the point multiplication of the resource-limited device more efficient by using the powerful server is considered in this paper.
We propose a new method, with the powerful server to calculate the K''P when client transfers the K'' to server. After the client has verified the K''P, it can efficiently calculate the KP.
其他識別: U0005-0807200711492900
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