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標題: 一個XML第四正規化工具的實作
The Implementation of a Normalization Tool for the Fourth Normal Form of XML Documents
作者: 黃傳育
Huang, Chuan-Yu
出版社: 資訊科學系所
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在傳統的關聯式資料庫上,通常藉由找出資料的功能相依性(Functional Dependency, FD)以及正規化(Normalization)的過程,來消除資料異常的問題。在過去的研究當中,已經有學者將關聯式資料庫的概念延伸到XML文件當中。進而定義出了XML功能相依性(XML Functional Dependency, XFD)、XML的多值相依性(XML Multi-Valued Dependency, XMVD),以及XML第四正規化(4 XML Normal Form, 4XNF)。由於之前的研究多止於討論,並未實作。本論文進一步基於上述研究的成果,修改其演算法,並實作了一個能將XML文件,轉換成符合4XNF的系統。據我們所有知道的訊息,本實作是第一個提供轉換4XNF功能的研究,將能為維護XML文件資料的品質,提供明確有效的幫助。

XML inherits the properties of simple, open standard, extensible and self description that allow user to define the data structure flexibility. These attribute make it easy to have different tree structure for the same information. The different tree structures, although contain the same data information, would lead to duplication of data storage phenomenon by some unscrupulous tree which is the main reason of data inconsistencies. The abnormal data must be eliminated in order to ensure data quality.

Traditional relation database usually find information through the processes of functional dependence (FD) and Normalization, to eliminate the problem of the abnormal data. The researches show that with the concepts of relational database extended to XML documents involve further definition of a functional dependence XML (XFD) XML multi-valued dependencies (XMVD), and the fourth Normal form of XML Documents (4XNF).

In this paper, we improve the algorithms by implementing a system which translates XML documents into the format compatible with 4XNF system. As the first project to provide a 4XNF conversion function of the system according to current research areas, we hope to provide a clear and effective solution which will be able to ensure the quality and integrity of XML data.
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