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標題: 雙導程蝸桿蝸輪組之最佳化設計
Optimum Design of Duplex Worm and Worm Gear Set
作者: 彭俊寧
Perng, Jiunn-Ning
關鍵字: Duplex Worm;雙導程蝸桿;Worm;Worm Gear;Optimum;Design;Optimum Design of Duplex Worm and Worm Gear Set;蝸桿;蝸輪;最佳化;設計;雙導程蝸桿蝸輪組之最佳化設計
出版社: 機械工程學系
本文是針對雙導程蝸桿及蝸輪做最佳化設計, 最佳設計分兩階段進
行. 第一階段以雙導程蝸桿公稱節圓直徑及蝸輪公稱模數為設計變數, 針
對導程角在變形, 應力, 第一自然振動頻率和幾何條件之束制下進行最大
化之計算, 以期達到高效率和最佳剛性的目的, 在確定雙導程蝸桿公稱節
圓直徑及蝸輪公稱模數後, 進行第二階段最佳化設計. 第二階段是以左右
側模數與公稱模數的差值和壓力角為設計變數, 針對齒面正向力在變形,
應力, 第一自然振動頻率, 避免根切, 中心距, 導程角, 壓力角等束制條
件下進行齒形正向力最小化之設計, 以降低因低速運轉時摩擦所造成之損
失, 進而確定出最佳之壓力角, 齒形角, 左右側模數與公稱模數的差值.
將上述兩階段最佳化所得之細部設計尺寸數據結合, 設計出一組在特定工

This thesis deals with the optimum design of duplex worm
andworm gear. Two-level optimization is employed in this thesis.
In first level, the design variables are the pitch diameter of
the duplex worm and module of worm gear. The objective is to
maximize the lead angle of duplex worm subjected to constraints
of displacements, stress and the fundamental natural frequency.
The design purpose is to raise the transmission effiency and the
stiffness. After determining the optimum values for the two
design variables, the second level optimization is followed. In
the second level optimization, the design variables are
thedifference of the left and right modules as well as the
pressure angle of the gear. The objective is to minimize the
normal forces between worm and gear. Inaddition to the
constraints used in the first level design, the geometric
constraints such as undercut, center distance, lead angle and
pressure angle are also imposed. Combining the optimum results
obtained by the two level optimization process,an optimum set of
duplex worm and worm gear can be generated for aspecific loading
condition. Two examples demonstrate the optimum designs of
duplex worm and worm gear systems.
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