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標題: 一種RFID的標籤擁有者轉換之安全協定-適用於零售通路商品與售後服務
A Tagged Product's Ownership Transfer Mechanism used in Retailer and Post-sales Service
作者: 陳昱潭
Chen, Yu-Tan
關鍵字: RFID;無線射頻識別認證;Ownership Transfer;Tag;擁有者轉換;電子標籤
出版社: 資訊科學與工程學系所
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在本篇論文中我們提出適用於零售通路商品的無線射頻識別認證(RFID)電子標籤擁有者轉換(Ownership Transfer)協定,我們的設計是參考2006年Choi等人提出的商品電子標籤擁有者轉換協定[3],choi的協定是適用在零售商販賣商品到消費者的電子標籤擁有者轉換,然而在他們的設計無法完全保障消費者隱私,因此我們提出一個全新的設計來達成更安全的商品電子標籤擁有者轉換。我們的協定不但可適用於零售商通路,更擴展至消費者售後服務。

In 2007, choi et al.'s has proposed a ownership transfer mechanism [3]. We find that the privacy of customers cannot be guaranteed in their scheme. Therefore, we propose a new design to overcome the privacy problem. Our ownership transfer mechanism is not only used in transaction but also extended for post-sale service. Our proposal contributes a practical protocol that meets all important issues: anonymity, secure ownership transfer, tag's access control, tag's untraceability, simplicity.
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