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標題: 含壓電感測器與致動器之脫層複合材樑動態特性之探討
A Study of Dynamic Properties of Delaminated Composite Beams with Piezoelectric Sensors and Actuators
作者: 張榮明
Chang, Rong Ming
關鍵字: Delaminated;脫層;Composite;Piezoelectric;複合材料;壓電材料
出版社: 機械工程學系
性之差異。 首先利用漢米爾頓原理結合有限元素法推導出含脫層之複
材樑動態響應之模擬 。上述分析的目的是希望了解含脫層與完好樑間動
態特性的差異。 最後本文以含壓電感測器、致動器之複合材料樑試件

The main goal of this study is to investigate the dynamic
characteristicsof both intact and delaminated composite beams
using piezoelectric sensors andactuators. First, by employing
the Hamilton's principle in conjunction with the finiteelement
method, the equations of motion of composite beams containing
delaminationand sensor equations are obtained. Next, the
frequencies of composite beams havingdifferent types of
delamination are analyzed. The results obtained here agree
verywell with those published in the literature. To perform the
frequency responseanalysis using piezoelectric sensors and
actuators, the equations of modal equationsof motion.
Afterwards, the modal equations and sensor equations are put
into astate-space form which is then used to construct the
transfer function matrix of the beam system. Numerical
examples are given where frequency responses of various types of
delaminated composite beams are studied using the transfer
function matrix beingdeveloped. Several important conclusions
concerning the influence of delaminationlocations and sensors'
locations on the sensors'output are drawn. Finally,
compositebeam specimen with surface-mounted piezoelectric
sensors and actuator are made,and modal tests are performed.
Good correlation is found between the results obtained from
experiments and from the present theoretical model.
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