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標題: 基於位元映射之有效率可搜尋多個加密文件的索引架構
An Efficient Searchable Encryption Index for Multiple Documents Based on Bit Map
作者: 徐憲驊
Hsu, Hsien-Hua
關鍵字: searchable symmetric encryption;對稱式搜尋加密;trapdoor;pseudo-random permutation;pseudo-random function;index;後門;擬亂隨機排列;擬亂隨機函數;索引
出版社: 資訊科學與工程學系所
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可搜尋對稱式加密(Searchable Symmetric Encryption)為使用者(Client)端把自己的文件加密後上傳到伺服器(Server)端,當使用者需要某些文件時,提供一些關鍵字(Keywords)給伺服器端,由伺服器端來做搜尋,最後回傳結果回使用者端。

When an end user wants to search his own document which is encrypted and stored in the server, he just needs to send some keyword so that the server can return the results to the end user after searching process. We call such procedure as Searchable Symmetric Encryption.
In the recent years, many searchable encryption scheme and security mechanism has been proposed. In this thesis, we proposed an efficient scheme with the search time is O(1) and using an index structure. Base on the idea we can also reduce server's storage and keep the security property.
其他識別: U0005-1007200816112800
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