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標題: 壓電式發電裝置研究
Study of the piezoelectric generator
作者: 彭泰龍
peng, tai-long
關鍵字: mini-scale piezoelectric power generator;壓電式微型發電裝置;circuit for energy storage;circuit analysis;configuration design;儲能電路;電路分析;構形設計
出版社: 機械工程學系所
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The main topic in this thesis is to discuss the mechanism for mini-scale piezoelectric power generator. This device is made by piezoelectric material using the principle of direct piezoelectric effect which can transfer the mechanical energy due to vibration into electric energy.
There are two issues in this research. First is the structural vibration of device. The relationships between strain, frequency, stress, charge, voltage, and power are derived by theories. The resonance frequency and voltage of resonance are obtained by experiment. A CAE software ANSYS is used here to analyze the modal shape.
Second is the analysis of circuit. The output of piezoelectric device is alternating current which must be rectified for further usage, such as power supply of electric device or energy storage. The power of resonance, characteristic of rectification, and chain wave effect of capacitance are obtained by experiment. Also the Pspice software is used to simulate the outputs under different input frequency and capacitance.
The possible application of mini-scale piezoelectric power generator is discussed in here for shaker of high frequency and low frequency. Also using different configuration design to improve the effect of power generated under same space is studied in this research.
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