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標題: 加密文件伺服器輸出正確性之探討
Verifying the correctness of the output of encryption document server
作者: 許家瑞
Hsu, Chia-Jui
關鍵字: Keyword Search;關鍵字搜尋;Test;Verify;測試法;驗證
出版社: 資訊科學與工程學系所
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Nowadays, protecting personal private information is getting more important than before. We hope that the private information in the open network server could be accessed from anywhere, at anytime. Furthermore, the server may not be trusted since attackers may compromise the server and modify the information stored in it. In this thesis, we propose a scheme to verify whether the server can be trusted or not. The memory and communication cost of the proposed scheme conform to the constraints of the mobile devices.
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