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標題: 脈動流流經二維擴散式消音器流場之數值探討
A Numerical Study of Pulsating Flow Through Two-Dimensional Expansion Type Silencers
作者: 何松璟
Her, Sung-Ching
關鍵字: Pulsating Flow;脈動流;Expansion Silencers;擴散式消音器
出版社: 機械工程學系
消音器結構進行探討。本文以SIMPLE之數值運算模式並利用 k-ε 雙方程
散率五個流場特徵值來 分析流場特性。結果顯示在四種消音器中, 達到

The major goal of the present study is to numerically
analyze the unsteadycharacteristics of flow fields inside
expansion type silencers of motor engin-es. A sinusoidal inlet
velocity is assumed intending to simulate the intermit-tent
exhaust gas flow from the engine exhaust poot . The unsteady
flow charac-teristics of four cases of expansion type silencers
are studies . A Numericalscheme cheme based on SIMPLE algorithm
and κ-εturbulence model are developedin this study . The flow
is assumed to be two dimensional and incompressible .. The
streamlines , velocities , pressures , and turbulence qu-
antities ( tur-bulent kinetic energy and viscous dissippation )
, after the periodic steadystate being reached , are employed
to analysze the flow field characteristics. The results show
that , for all cases studied , the periodic steady flow fi-elds
are greatly different from those with uniform inlet vlocity .
It is also found that the geometrical arrangements are the main
factors that affecting the flow structure and pressure
variations .
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