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標題: 在乾燥與潤滑情況下摩擦效應對自激性振動發生之影響
Friction Effect on the Occurrance of Self-Excited Vibration in Dry and Lubricated Sliding Contact
作者: 鐘錫卿
Evan, Jong
關鍵字: self-excited vibration;自激性振動;sliding motion;dry friction;滑動運動;乾摩擦
出版社: 機械工程學系
油、水的潤滑摩擦實驗。 實驗設備配合不同的物理參數變
時,隨負荷 的增加,系統位移及摩擦力的動態變化程度隨之增加;當負
荷足夠大時,則自激性振動出 現;此時,摩擦力之變化與銷之振盪幅度
相當激烈。接觸面的表面粗糙度不影響摩擦振動 之行為模態,但粗糙的
接觸面傾向於使摩擦振動更加顯著。從頻譜分析上,其振動頻率就 是系
潤特性,因 此有抑制振動的能力。

In the present paper, experimental works were conducted,
using a pin-on-disk apparatus, to study the phenomena
of the self-excited vibration. The circular pin, made of high
speed steel, is in contact with the cast iron disk which
rotates unidirectionally. The sliding friction tests are
performed under the condition of dry friction, oil lubrication
and water lubrication. The contact friction forces,
tangential displacements and normal forces between pin and
disk are measured, and the frequencies, friction coefficients,
and amplitudes of oscillation are calculated. The physical
parameters governing the friction test are (1) roughness of the
disk, (2) variation of normal forces and (3) contact sliding
velocities. The
experimental results show that in dry friction and water
lubrication, the dynamic oscillation of the system increases as
the normal load is increased . When the normal load is
sufficient large, the self-excited vibration,
associated with a significant friction variation, is observed.
The topography of the contact surfaces doesn't influence the
nature of the vibration, but severe vibratory motion is
encountered as a rough surface is used in the sliding
contact. The spectra analysis reveals that the dominant
frequency of the self-excited vibration is the natural frequency
of the system. In the sliding test, it is found that the
wear debris of the cast iron disk had a effect of self-
lubrication and the self-excited vibration can be inhibited.
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