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標題: 放大影像邊緣平滑化之方法
A New Edge Smoothing Method for Image Enlargement
作者: 林沛鑑
Lin, Pei-Chien
關鍵字: Image up-scaling;影像放大;nearest-neighborhood interpolation;bilinear interpolation;bicubic interpolation;blurry effect;blocky effect;Canny edge detector;最近相鄰內插法;雙線性內插法;雙立方內插法;模糊化;鋸齒化;Canny邊緣偵測
出版社: 資訊科學與工程學系所
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影像放大(image up-scaling)為數位影像處理當中的一項重要項目,當今已有許多影像放大演算法被提出,例如「最近相鄰內插法(nearest-neighborhood interpolation)」、「雙線性內插法(bilinear interpolation)」、「雙立方內插法(bicubic interpolation)」。然而,這些演算法仍然造成影像放大後邊緣部分的模糊化(blurry effect)或鋸齒化(blocky effect)現象。
本篇論文提出一個新的方法,針對放大影像,希望仍保持影像的清晰度和對比度,當然也就是克服兩大課題:模糊化(blurry effect)和鋸齒化(blocky effect)現象。所提出之方法首先運用現有插值法進行影像放大,再利用「Canny邊緣偵測(Canny edge detector)」之特性來找出放大影像中可能鋸齒化或模糊化的像素,最後針對這些像素進行平滑化處理。

Image up-scaling is an important part of the digital image processing. Up to now many algorithms have been proposed to enlarge images. The nearest-neighborhood interpolation, the bilinear interpolation, the bicubic interpolation are three important algorithms among them. However, these algorithms still suffer the draw backs of the blurry effect and/or the blocky effect on edge portions of the enlarged image.
In this thesis, a new method for enlarging images is proposed. This method tries to reduce the blurry effect and the blocky effect by first using an existing image up-scaling method such as the nearest-neighborhood interpolation or the bilinear interpolation to enlarge the image, then trying to smooth the edge portions of the enlarged image. The Canny edge detector is used to find the edges of the image. Experimental results show that the proposed method has better performance on the edge portions of the enlarged image.
其他識別: U0005-2501201114254300
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