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標題: H.264視訊編碼中P畫面的快速決定編碼模式演算法
A fast mode decision algorithm for encoding P-slice in H.264 video coding
作者: 麥恩嘉
Mai, En-Jia
關鍵字: Video encode;視訊編碼;H.264;AVC;Mode decision;H.264;AVC;模式決定
出版社: 資訊網路多媒體研究所
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新一代的視訊壓縮標準H.264/AVC較前一標準MPEG4 大約增加了1.5倍的壓縮效能,但是卻在計算複雜度上增加了超過十倍的昂貴代價。其中計算量最大的地方就是在模式決定(Mode decision)以及其中的移動估計(Motion Estimation)的部分,因此許多的學者提出了能夠改進這個部分計算複雜度的快速演算法。

本研究在模式決定的部分提出了一個快速演算法,藉由設定門檻值的方式,略過部分模式的位元率-失真成本(RD cost)的計算,並利用與前一個畫面的亮度直方圖的差(Histogram Difference)來判斷兩個畫面的相似度,動態改變門檻值的大小,藉以達到更佳的模式決策。

實驗結果顯示,在幾乎保持相同的畫面品質(PSNR),位元率(Bitrate)稍微上升的情況下,我們提出的快速演算法可以節省平均約35%的編碼時間,且適用於各種不同類型的視訊序列(video sequence)。

The new generation video coding standard, H.264/AVC, has 1.5 times compression efficiency but it increases 10 times more computation complexity than the former standard MPEG-4. Mode decision and motion estimation are most complex parts of it. Therefore many research works proposed the fast algorithms which can reduce the time complexity.

On this thesis, we also propose a fast algorithm aiming at reducing the time complexity of mode decision. It skips partial computation of the RD-cost by a method based on similarity comparison using thresholds. The thresholds can be dynamically adjusted by similarity of current and previous frames. The similarity between frames is estimated by the difference of histogram.

The experimental results show that the proposed fast algorithm can save average on 35% encoding time with almost the same PSNR and slightly increased bit-rate, on various kinds of video sequences.
其他識別: U0005-2008200918505500
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