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標題: 使用多重CAMSHIFT追蹤的方式來改善機器人的視覺追蹤及自動控制
Improving the Ability of Visual Tracking and Automatic Controlling on Robot by Applying Multi-CAMSHIFT
作者: 陳柏志
Chen, Bo-Chih
關鍵字: CAMSHIFT演算法;Tzung-Her Chen;物件追蹤;自動控制;Kuen-Fang Jea;Hung-Min Sun
出版社: 資訊科學與工程學系所
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Object tracking is a kind of research widely used in image processing. It can be used in many cases, such as driving support system, monitoring, and robotic vision. In this thesis, we discuss how to adopt object tracking to robotic vision. We modify CAMSHIFT algorithm and apply it to a robot to do self-tracking on the specific object. In order to make it more successful on the robot, we use some techniques of image processing for robustness, and use multi-CAMSHIFT algorithm to recover from the failure of tracking, which makes it find the target object which CAMSHIFT algorithm missed.
We use LEGO NXT bricks to construct a car-shaped robot, and combine it with a webcam. We write programs to control the robot and let it drive automatically. It will automatically decide to do which kind of movement depends on the images that webcam captured. Our contributions mainly focus on using multi-CAMSHIFT algorithm to find the missing target object, and on making the robot re-tracking to improve the robustness of application.
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